Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two Lies, One Truth

A picture I took on my webcam last night, for no real reason

Chad and I were at a fun Valentine's Day party last night with a big group of other couples. We played a game where you had to tell two lies and one truth about yourselves, or your relationship, and everyone had to guess what the truth was. You know how it goes.

Our statements were:

We went to Cancun on our honeymoon, where we met both Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis.

In the 2002 Winter Olympics we went to a medals ceremony where Sheryl Crow played.

In the last presidential election, we voted for different candidates.

I heard a lot of votes for number one (funny considering our honeymoon was one night in Palm Springs). When it was revealed that statement #3 was the truth, there were several gasps from the very conservative crowd. Chad and I had sworn to each other beforehand that we wouldn't reveal who voted for who, so we just met all questions with a smile. It was fun being a little mysterious, just for one night.

(A couple of you out there know the truth, but, shhhh, mum's the word ;o)

* Just to be clear, everyone was a little shocked, but still very nice about it :o)


Audra said...

I thought this would be something I would know... but I did not know that... I have a guess which is which though.

Jonelle said...

You wish it was Shreyl Crow. 'NSync baby!!!!

Olivia Carter said...

I like it!

And I SO WANT TO KNOW! That means one of you voted for the person I voted for. Ack! It's gonna make me crazy!

We run into a lot gasps from the conservative crowd. Because seriously my whole state is the "ultra conservative crowd".

Kelly said...

Oh I just love shocking a conservative crowd of Mormons by admitting that I voted for the other guy in the last election.

Our stake president and his wife are our neighbors and ever since she got that wiff of me things have not been the same. So Christ like right?

Chad Coleman said...

I had no idea this was a liberal blog - I refuse to come back. This is just one more example of the liberal media trying to influence me...:)

Ashley said...

I knew about this. Roy and I didn't even vote - gasp!

Katie said...

Jonelle - 'NSYNC 4LIFE

Kelly - the last time we told someone who the person was that voted for the other guy, we got to hear a lecture about how he should be impeached for his crimes against the country. And this was about five months into his presidency.

James said...

Doesn't matter who you vote for down here, the ballot is already filled out for you. But at least you get to vote after you die.

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

I got a kick out of this. I didn't really know that anyone would have such a strong opinion about it. But I have to admit we were really surprised by how many people assumed that Ray would vote for Obama. Like all blacks should vote one way, by color only. I believe that one's own political views are personnel and to each's his own.