Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Sir

Since Gabe hasn't had a post dedicated to him in awhile, here is a sweet picture of him asleep on his bedroom floor. Apparently his chubby legs slipped over the side of the bed and onto the floor at some point in the night and he decided to just make himself comfortable. He's a real tummy sleeper lately. No sleeping on his back with his hands behind his head, sun-bathing-style, like older brother. Have you ever read the study that says that how you sleep is a sign of what kind of personality you have? If I remember correctly, tummy-sleeping means that you don't like babies, sharing, tags sticking out of your shirt, or shoes that are too tight. You do like coloring on Disneyland maps for hours at a time (see top picture), carrying a bat and glove around, and picking apart everything that you eat. Wow, they really have him pegged!

On a side note, Gabe was the first one in the family to feel the baby kick (besides me, of course)! For awhile I have been joking with the boys and telling them to put their hands on my tummy to feel the baby kick. Then I will purposely jut it out quickly to make their hands jump, and they will laugh. They know it is all a big joke and Gabe always laughs and says, "Baby kicked my nose!" Well, last week I was sitting down and he walked up to give me a hug, putting his head on my belly. Right at that moment, the baby moved right where Gabe's head was, and before I could wonder if he felt it, Gabe lifted his head up and gave me a surprised and delighted smile, as if to say, "Woah! That one was real!" It was such a sweet moment. Maybe someday he and this baby will be friends. Since I am the only one in the world that Gabe is sweet with on a regular basis, I am hoping that when little brother arrives, Gabe will just view him as an extension of mom, and treat him with kindness. We will see. Colin absolutely loved Gabe and he still pushed him off the bed within the first month or so, so my expectations aren't too high.


granny said...

Oh, I love that precious sweet child....I miss him so much and I can't wait to see him again. I never thought being a grandmother would be so awesome!

lindsey said...

he is such a fun kid... and you know he really did start getting sweet with lily by the end of our trip.. especially when colin was being sweet with her..

Ash said...

I like the look he is giving you in that first picture. What a goob!