Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why we will never be "foodies"

This is Chad and I before we left our hotel room to go to Limones, the restaurant that I had researched for hours and heard nothing but good things about.
When we arrived there, we were seated in a charming window seat with beautiful cushions. The waitress brought us bread and an infused olive oil dip, which were both just as impressive as the atmosphere. We were excited to receive our menu, which featured about two dozen different dishes that all made our mouths water. We really wanted to try a lot of things, so we decided to get two appetizers and then share an entree. We ordered the duck confit taquitos and the smoked salmon and marscapone empanadas to start off with and the rack of lamb with cashew couscous as our main dish.
And here is where things got scary for us.
The appetizers came. The taquitos, which were swimming in an out-of-this-world broth, were about three and half inches long, and there were TWO of them. The empanadas were maybe two inches long and there were two of them as well. They were absolutely delicious. Unlike anything we had ever had. Layered with exciting yet balanced tastes.
But I can't be a foodie, because when I am paying $9 for one appetizer, I can not feel satisfied by one little ounce of food, not matter how good it is.
The rack of lamb was just as delicious, and just as unsatisfying for the same reason.
Maybe being pregnant heightens my feelings about this, but a huge part of my satisfaction in eating relies upon not being hungry when I leave the restaurant despite having just spent $60.
Neither of us were upset about the experience. We wanted to try something new and the food was just as delicious as we expected. We will never go there again though because we just aren't cut out for that type of dining experience.
We were at McDonald's two hours later ordering two McChickens and two sundaes.
Let me note that we went to Cracker Barrel this morning for breakfast for the first time (we have heard so much about it that I have always avoided it because I thought it was over-hyed). I don't know how it is for the other two meals of the day, but for breakfast is was awesome. Best french toast I have ever had. Completely satisfying.
Once again, why we could never be "foodies." Turns out that we are just Cracker Barrel type-uh-people.


Christie said...

Wow! Have you seen the commercial JUST like that?!

Ash said...

Yeah, different layers of taste and exciting depth of flavor are nice, but only occasionally. The rest of the time it's good ol' diner food that really gets me excited and satisfied! Happy Anniversary!

lindsey said...

i was gunna mention the same commercial christie.. priceless. but it does sound delicious! happy anniversary.

Olivia Carter said...

I know exactly what you mean!

Chad said...

I dont think Katie did the empanadas justice...they were essentially the size of a large Ravioli. Great food...awful portions. Fantastic company though and a lot of witty banter back and forth.

Katie said...

Christie and Lindsey - we were thinking about that commercial the whole time!

Audra said...

I like Cheesecake Factory. The food is very yummy, but there is a TON of it! My first thought was the commercial as well!