Friday, April 11, 2008

Ugly Dresses

My oh my, this website gave me a few good laughs. Check out the above dress....not as horrible as some others on the website, but it is done in DENIM! And you have to check out the pregnant prom dress. I would have posted it here but I knew it would make me ill to see it on my blog every day. Yes, this is how I spend my time when Chad is gone.


James said...

The pregnant prom dress looks like something out of Road Warrior or Mad Max

Mike Kessler said...

But Katie, the denim prom dress is =so you=! You can wear it to the grocery store or to Target. (Yeah, right.) Why would someone wear a denim prom dress anyway?? I mean, if you're going to the prom, you don't wear denim on your special day. Next up would be a denim wedding dress. If someone's going to the prom they a)shouldn't be wearing denim, and b)shouldn't be pregnant!!

Audra said...

I have been out of town, so I am so behind on your blog. So to catch up:

- glad you found a flight and did not have to pay up the wazoo!

- I love Colin's birthday cake! So cool! Good job Linda!

- Love the Easter eggs... ours were just solid colors... maybe when the kids get older... but I love the Sharpie idea! I let the kids use a black Sharpie on theirs, but I may have to buy some multi colored ones next year for me :)!

- Now, about the boy/girl thing. Nolan is 6 like Santi, but on the way home he insisted on watchin Barbie as Repunzel, wanted to watch Barbies 12 dancing princesses, requested My Little Pony and sat with a Chineese Parasol over his head half the time (Annette gave it to him, thanks a bunch Annette.. haha)! Anyway, I guess since he has a sister his age he is exposed to it a lot!

- what else... the garden looks pretty! We have tulips for once at our house! HOORAY!

- Oh, and no I would not wear a denim prom dress... Sometimes I will wear a denim skirt, but that is as far as a go!

Maybe I will have Nolan show Colin his parasol this afternoon... haha!