Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can I brag a little?

Here is my first vegetable garden! I am so happy with the way it is going. I have summer squash, zucchini, "Lemon Boy" tomatoes, grape tomatoes, "Better Boy" tomatoes, "Big Boy" tomatoes, mini sweet orange bell peppers, red bell peppers, cilantro, basil, and some pea plants that I planted way too late that are NOT doing well, so I don't really count them.

Okay, I haven't actually gotten any vegetables yet, but it's only a matter of time (I hope! Cross your fingers for me!)

And just in case I hear any comments about green thumbs and black thumbs, it all comes down to hard work people!

More seriously, this garden, along with my flower garden, which is still looking rather pathetic, have really kept me going this pregnancy. Since I care about it so much and enjoy it like I do, it gets me moving in the mornings. I have spent the last two mornings out there for 3 hours at a time. I hit up a plant sale a few weeks ago and received about 30 flower plants in the mail two days ago that I wanted to get in the ground as soon as possible, plus I had a ton of weeding to do. Not many things motivate me like gardening does and hopefully I will be enjoying the fruits of my labor in more ways than one in August.

*Oh, and in case any of you are wondering how I manage to garden for three hours at a time when I have two boys to take care of, I pretty much let them watch as much TV as they want on those days. C'mon, I am bragging about being a good gardener, not a good mother :o)


Meredith said...

David is also a big gardener---tomatoes (no salmonella here!), lettuce, cucumbers (not doing well), strawberries---yeah--so Texas doesnt do strawberries well---potatoes (fall harvest)

Audra said...

I had such a good comment until I read your last paragraph and you basically pointed out what I was going to say!

And I stink at gardening... and I work hard... but I always seem to go on vacation and everything dies... and to be honest, sometimes I don't work as hard as I should.

Chad said...

I dont even know where to begin Audra - "and I work hard" a mere 11 words later - "and to be honest, sometimes I don't work as hard as I should." It's a good thing you've never been brought up on murder charges - the Detectives wouldnt even have time to do the "Good Cop, Bad Cop Rotuine" - You would fold like a cheap card table before the Good Cop was done with you.

By the way - We need to play Mario Kart wii online - Got it today and it is simply fantastic.

Autumn said...

Chad, you're so funny!

Katie, I'm so impressed with your garden! I planted a garden too but I have a black thumb. I water, I fertilize, I weed and the plants don't die they just don't thrive. I try to tell myself it's because we live in the desert but there's a lady in our ward that has the most amazing vegetable garden. Oh well, at least I'm trying :)