Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Take me out to the ball-game!

We went to a Charlotte Knight's game on Friday. They had a deal where you could get a ticket, soda, popcorn, and hot-dog all for $5! It was a beautiful, cool evening and the boys were as cheerful as could be.

Colin got his beloved cotton candy, and Gabe absolutely refused to touch the weird-looking stuff.

The most exciting part of the evening occured while I wasn't there. I knew that Levi was somewhere at the ballpark with his older kids, so I walked around to look for them. While I was gone, a foul ball landed right behind Chad and the kids, and rolled to their feet, where Colin picked it up! His first foul ball! He was SO excited! What a great evening.


Olivia Carter said...

I love going to baseball games. Not because I like baseball particularly but because you just: sit, chat, eat hotdogs, & enjoy summer evening weather. Looks like fun!

Audra said...

I still can not believe you did not see the white guy with a ton of kids (the majority of them being black) with him!

They are at the races tonight :)!

Katie said...

Audra - I can't believe I didn't see him either! I kept saying that to myself - "Of course I will be able to spot them. They have to stand out!!!"