Friday, June 6, 2008

Lazy Summer Days

Cooking is the one household chore that I really don't mind. I pride myself on making a weekly menu, shopping accordingly, and usually having dinner on the table within a half hour of Chad getting home. However......lately I just don't feel like cooking! I think it is the heat and my laziness combined, but nothing ever sounds appealing for dinner - at least not appealing enough to put forth the effort to cook it. So who has some really really really easy recipes (or even yummy frozen meals they have found) they would like to share with me? Ones that you want to make and eat on a hot (99 degrees!) summer day. At least slightly nutritious would be ideal. Anyone?


lindsey said...

there is always simple taco salad... we had that last night for the first time in a really long time and i really enjoyed it.

Christie said...

We had the Sisters over for dinner this week and had Ramen Salad, jello salad w/fruit, and homemade rolls...not a super easy (but not hard) meal, but it WAS perfect for the heat (esp. if you buy rolls).
Yesterday I threw chicken in a crockpot with BBQ sauce...also good with rolls or just bread...pair that with corn on the cob and melon, or a salad.
Cooking is the only household chore I like as well...which makes for lots of piled up dishes!
But lately I've had a lot of days like you describe...nothing sounds good.

Katie said...

Thanks for the taco salad idea Lindsey - we had it today and scarfed it down.

Oooh, I love ramen salad Christie...I have never made it for my boys, so I will have to try it out. Do you have a specific recipe you use? I love making frozen rolls too, and they rise really quickly in the summer. That sounds like a great summer meal. I think I am going to make BBQ chicken tomorrow.

Christie said...

I just looked for it in allrecipes and ended up creating a recipe based what I found. Some use sesame oil for flavoring and I wouldn't reccommend that.

Basically 1/2 cup each of oil, vinegar and sugar for the dressing, seasoned with one Ramen packet. Mixed that with 1 head finely sliced cabbage and 2 packages crushed noodles and half a package of the kind of sliced almonds that come already roasted (original flavor). Some recipes use green onions, but I didd't have any. Oh, and chicken (used the Foreman grill) chopped up into bite sized pieces. Best if you make in the morning and let it sit in the fridge all day.
I Used the "Blue" ramen.

Katie said...

Thanks Christie - made it yesterday and now I am eating leftovers. I pretty much followed what you said but substituted some of the dressing with a low fat poppyseed dressing I have. Yummy!

Christie said...

Maple Groves of Vermont makes a delicious FF poppyseed dressing.