Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gabe’s first loose teeth

Last Friday night we were getting ready for bed, and the boys were, once again, best friends.  When it is time for sleep, all the day’s conflicts are forgotten  as they unite against Mom and Dad in a hyper, last-ditch battle to stay awake.  Colin was on the top bunk, Gabe was on the bottom bunk, and was apparently trying to pull Colin’s blanket down with his teeth, when he let out a cry of pain.  I went over to investigate, and found that not only were his two bottom teeth loose, the adult ones were already cutting through behind them.  Tears were immediately replaced by giddy Gabe grins.


Gabe has been so excited to lose his first teeth, an excitement that had only been building since his cousin Elizabeth, who is four months younger, beat him out a couple of weeks ago.

He had plenty of time the next day to show off his lose teeth at Rae’s birthday party, and the next evening, the first one came out while we were having dinner at my parent’s.  Exciting times!  The second one then came out yesterday.                 

                  IMGP8970 IMGP8664-1

Two teeth gone and kindergarten later this month.  (sigh)

In other Gabe news, he is selling homemade balls (made of masking tape). Any takers?

           IMGP8969 IMGP8976


Kelly said...

Congrats on the tooth loss (?) I love that he is selling balls of masking tape. A true artist!

lindsey said...

oh wow I can't believe how big he is! He writes really well and the masking tape ball is really cute. He looks so grown up.

Chad Coleman said...

I love the marketing angle - "Only cost.." If he would have made them ".99" I would probably would have bought 3 or 4.

Ashley said...

Awww, he's so cute! I wish I had more of a chance to hang out with him - like we do when we stay at your house. He and Rae could have started a store together - Rae LOVES to sell stuff.

Oh, and this morning Rae came downstairs saying she was biting a pen and another tooth is loose. Our kids and their biting!

Em said...

Brennan and I just watched the tooth fairy super why and I started dreading when my kids teeth falling out. All of these years watching them miserable when they're coming in just to watch them fall out. Sheesh!

Christie said...

Yay, Gabe! Elizabeth is so excited for him!