Monday, August 15, 2011

Medieval Times – courtesy of Sheraton Vacation Ownership

So, we did it again.  We went to a timeshare presentation.  We hadn’t really planned to do one this trip, but about an hour away from Myrtle Beach, Carina started fussing, and we decided to pull into one of the many “visitor information centers” along the way to feed the boys free popcorn and soda while I nursed her.  I sat in the car and Chad moseyed in with the boys just to see what they would offer us.  He came back out and said they would give the whole family tickets to Medieval Times and Ripley’s Aquarium.  We knew the kids would love both of those things, so we signed up. 

Let me just say real quick, well…maybe not real quick because I am still seething a little….this was the worst timeshare experience I have had, and they have all been a bit miserable so that is really saying something.  Colin and Gabe went into their daycare center, so we just had Ollie and Carina with us.  Oliver was happy, though a little hyper, and Carina was happy for the first 2 hrs of our salesperson’s inane small talk mixed with incredibly condescending/combative questioning.

After 2 hrs, Carina started to fuss and I was not about to take a break to feed her because I know they pause everything if one spouse leaves the room.  I tried to let our saleslady know we needed to wrap it up (for all timeshares you agree to a 90 minute presentation, so she was already well over), but by this point we had told her, point-blank, that there was nothing they could offer us to get us to buy a timeshare, so she was unhappy with us and getting snarky.  She was stubbornly going through all their offers, with Carina crying full force.  I stood up next to the table, as she went through each and every line, to try and bounce Carina, and she even had the gall to tell me I needed to be sitting down.  I sat down, and Carina got hysterical.  I couldn’t even hear what the saleslady was saying, and Carina started doing the whole gulping-for-air hiccup-sob. My mama bear side come out.  I blurted out “I’m done.I am just done. I CANNOT let her cry like this.”  The saleslady started to say something about needing to go through everything and then someone else would come over to talk to us, and I said, “NO. I am done.  We are finished.”  I swear to you, I was as polite as I could possibly be (I know she is trying to make a living and they have certain tactics they are supposed to use), and as she left us with someone else I told her very sincerely that I hoped she would have a better day.  But by that point we were at 2 1/2 hrs and my baby needed someone to stand up for her.

I also got the most ridiculous comment from an salesman who was walking by (they all talk to you to let you know how friendly their company is).  He said, “Oh, you have four boys, huh?” And we said, “Nope, three boys…the baby is a girl.” And he said, “Well, you dress her like a boy!”  What was she wearing, you ask?  A white onesie with pink roses on it, a white skirt, and she had white and pink blanket with her.  ??????

(Let me just say I know that some people might think it is weird to go to timeshare presentations when we have NO intention to buy, just to get the gifts, but trust me, they know what we are doing.  They make it very clear that our only obligation to is listen to what they have to say.  And the fact that they are willing to give so many people just like us as much as they do shows you how much money they are making off of those few who do end up buying)

Okay, so enough ranting.  We went to Medieval Times on Thursday.  Colin and Gabe had a great time.  Their favorite parts were the food (and eating it with their hands), especially the huge piece of chicken, and the fighting at the end.  They both really paid attention the whole time and Gabe loved booing the bad knight. Oliver?  He hates loud noise, and covered his ears for all but about five minutes of the whole thing.  We humored him and hand fed him his food and provided a straw for him to sip his soup.  As long as he was willing to stay in the room and be calm, it was  a small price to pay.  Carina slept, nursed, and tried to get a carnation from the red and yell0w knight.  How could he turn her down?

IMGP9075 IMGP9077  IMGP9084 IMGP9089

It was a fun night and the boys are already talking about “the next time that we go to Medieval Times.”  Yeah, we will have to see about that.


Merf said...

we have (and continue to do--yay for orlando!) stupid timeshare presentations---I HATE THEM---but we are very honest that we have no intention of buying---the minute the salesperson realizes we are serious---they get pretty rude---but we get our prize.

The Husband said...

You totally should have just fed Carina right there - no cover or anything. Maybe it would have made the lady uncomfortable enough to stop. Wow, 2 1/2 hours - that's just ridiculous. Rae and Blaise probably would have been crying to leave the daycare center! Glad you at least enjoyed the hard-earned prize!

Christie said...

Oh, Ashley said exactly what I was thinking! Whip it out! No cover! Clear the room!

Olivia Carter said...

OH man, I've been once in & I still remember it being like the coolest thing ever- looks like a lot of fun!

Audra said...

I went to one time share presentation... one was enough... never again! Jerks!!! They were such JERKS!

Yes, whip it out next time!

You know what was the best show? Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede in Orlando. Seriously! And it closed down! People did not know what they were missing! Better than any show I have ever seen!

Katie said...

Audra - we were actually asked if we could get tickets to Dixie Stampede for Myrtle Beach instead of Medieval Times and they told us it was shut down :o( They replaced it with some Pirate show that was still new enough that they weren't giving tickets to it away.

Em said...

That was my favorite show to go to as a kid!

Zachary said...

I can commiserate with your experience. We've been to a few ourselves, the last being when our oldest was about the same age as Carina. The experience was similar and I decided then and there that it was no longer worth the prizes for me. And, usually the prizes for us required us to put forth some amount of money to even claim it (unbeknownst to us before hand, of course). What a waste of a few hours of my life.
I'm glad you were able to enjoy the show.

Zachary said...

P.S. that was Nikki, not Zachary leaving the post, I guess I'm logged in under my husband. Sorry.

lindsey said...

We went to medievil times on Drama Club trip and I loved it even as a teenager. I can't believe how poorly you were treated... It's one thing to take awhile, but for her to freak out because you wanted to stand is ridiculous. I can hardly sit for 2 and a half hrs... I would never expect my baby to.