Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ollie’s birthday


Ollie’s birthday last week started out fantastic.  His brothers had the great idea of getting his a fish from them.  He was thrilled.  He named the fish “Monkey Wrench.”  The fish was dead before nightfall :o(  Ollie cried. We have now promised to get him beta. 






Chad really made the day great for Ollie with a little scavenger hunt.  He left Ollie’s favorite candy all over the house and left clues to find them.  Oliver thought it was the coolest thing ever.  So did his brothers – who have now requested that Chad do the same thing for their birthdays.




IMGP9307 IMGP9315 

Oliver wanted Chick-fil-A for dinner and we gladly complied.  After that he got to open a couple of presents, one of which was some K’NEX from his Grandpa and Grandpa Coleman.  He LOVED them.  All the boys did – they have been played with every day since then.  Thanks Judy and Bill!


Saturday was the main event – a pool/pizza party with all of his cousins.  He loves his cousins so much.  He is still like a little mascot to them - they all love to make laugh and treat him like a little pal. 

IMGP9320  IMGP9332

He got the cupcakes with cherries on top that he requested.  Then all the cousins played in the warm, dirty puddle caused by an overflow in the splash area.  Whenever this happens, the kids all flock to it – I couldn’t really blame them during the party – the pool water was a pretty chilly!  I think a certain father (who shall not be named)  didn’t even get in!


Ollie had a fantastic couple of days and I think his birthday lived up to all the hype that had been building for months and months.  We love this little three year old!


jess and scott said...

Looks like fun! Ella got a goldfish this summer that lasted about 10 hours. Just this last week we got her the beta we had promised. It's still alive, three days and going strong:)

Christie said...

Already too cold for swimming?! The girls have been asking for a fish. Thanks for the reminder on why not to do it!

lindsey said...

Lily got a Beta for her birthday. His name is "beautiful". She insists it is a girl. i was going to say the same as Christie... Its too hot to swim here... The water is practically boiling. I can't believe how much he looks like Gabe in the picture of him with his cupcake! I think its the look on his face. Your boys are too cute.