Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Keepin’ It Real Wednesday



Yesterday we stopped by my parent’s house to say goodbye to my sister Ashley, who had been visiting with her family from Missouri.  I brought my camera to snap some pictures of Carina with her cousin Claire, who is one month younger than her.  We said our goodbyes and went home, where we had a fairly uneventful afternoon – rest time and a trip to the pool.  As I was getting out of the pool, I realized my arms felt very weak holding Carina.  Then my whole body started to ache.  Within a couple of hours I was laying in bed, aching all over with the chills and some other “womanly” pains. Mastitis. Oy.

I went to bed early only to be woken by a very fussy baby.  Her nose was so stuffed up that she couldn’t catch her breath lying down.  We shuffled around the darkhouse, looking for the bulb syringe, and she screamed as I cleared it out.  It wasn’t enough though, and I ended on the recliner downstairs so that she could sleep upright.  Me with my achy body, her with her stuffy nose, waking up sweaty every couple of hours to nurse and reposition ourselves.  After one such session, I lay awake, listening to her wet breathing, and these pictures kept skating across my mind.


I had laughed as I lay Claire on top of Carina and snapped away, but in my sleeplessness last night, all I could picture were the germs oozing off of Carina to Claire. 

  Sorry Ashley!  Here’s to hoping Claire is immune to the results of her Aunt’s foolish photography whims and fancies.


lindsey said...

cute pictures, but sucky night... Here's to hoping claire doesn't get sick.

Ashley said...

Dude, I feel so bad for you that you have mastitis I don't even care if Claire got germs. I hope you recover quickly!! And at least Claire was on top of Carina - not the other way around! If she gets sick I'll just blame Cici ;)

Em said...

I have heard that is the worst!!!:(

Christie said...

I can't believe they are both already so old! Other people's kids grow up so fast and those first few months last FOREVER when it's my own!