Thursday, August 18, 2011

A “walk” on the beach last Thursday

“Let’s talk a walk on the beach this evening, boys.”

IMGP9169  IMGP9142

“But we aren’t going to wear swimsuits, so no getting in the water.”

IMGP9148 IMGP91091  

      IMGP9156              IMGP9125

Ha. Ha. Ha.


lindsey said...

One of my best memories was during a trip to LA to go to the zoo... Somehow it was just Bryce Mom Dad and I (I was only 10 so don't ask where everyone else was) Dad had a conference so we were staying in a really nice hotel. We decided to go "walk" on the beach and ended up completely soaked. It is one of my favorite memories, as I am sure this one will be for your boys... don't you love moments like that?

Ashley said...

I bet Chad was wearing his swimsuit ;)

Kelly said...

I have had that exact conversation with my 3 boys about a dozen times. Good memories though!

Em said...

Hahaha is right!!!