Sunday, August 21, 2011

Huntington Beach State Park

While we were in Myrtle Beach, we decided to take a little day trip to Huntington Beach State Park.  We always go to Myrtle Beach because it is the cheapest beach city around, but we do not love the crowds and commercialization that jumps out at you everywhere you turn.  We wanted to get away from all of that, and Huntington Beach was perfect.  Just perfect.  I didn’t take any pictures at the beach, because we had a lot to carry anyway (including a baby) and I am paranoid about my nice camera getting sand in it, but I wish I could have made the effort.  It was so smooth and white, and natural looking.  Just gorgeous.  It wasn’t crowded and Gabe and I found our best seashells of our trip there. 

Before we hit the beach, we toured, Atalaya, which was winter home of the Huntingtons, and sits inside the state park.  The walls are pretty much all that is left, but it was interesting to see Moorish-inspired architecture on the coast of South Carolina.

IMGP9172 IMGP9182

There was also an educational center where the kids got to touch a stingray. 


All of it was great, but we almost wished that we just went straight to the beautiful beach.  It was our best beach day and it got cut short when some storms rolled in. 

This a view of the marshland on the way out of the park.



Christie said...

It is good to be paranoid about the sand and your camera. I wish I had been back in Feb when we took Mom to the beach :(

Cat said...

That's just up the beach from where we stay in Litchfield Beach. I love that area because it's quiet and not to overly crowded. It's close to MB but not right in the thick of it. We haven't been to Huntington Beach but we'll definitely put it on the list of places to visit!

Katie said...

Cat - I saw that on the map. We could see Litchfield in the distance, down the beach. It really made me want to try much more serene than MB!

Cat said...

I think you'd really like it! We stay at Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort - - lots of different accommodation options and it has it's own beach access.