Monday, August 8, 2011

School Shopping

I still remember my mom taking me on a special shopping trip for clothes before I started kindergarten. I took Colin on a similar trip when he started (man, that boy was so little and cute in that post!), and last Friday was Gabe’s turn.  I took all the kids, but Gabe got to decide where we would eat breakfast to gear up.  This was definitely the highlight of the trip – not the shopping.  He immediately chose IHOP.  We have never been there, but I think he has seen commercials for their funnel cakes.  He was so excited to get them.  


Do you see all of Gabe’s food?!  Don’t worry, he was splitting it with me and we didn’t even finish it.   And yes, Oliver chose mac’ and cheese for breakfast.  That is SO Ollie.  When his Grandpa Coleman was visiting, he thought it was hilarious that Ollie often requested a “meat sandwich” for breakfast, and just this morning Ollie requested leftover spaghetti for breakfast.


Colin got the “Breakfast Special” and bet me that he could eat it all.  About a quarter of the way through the pancakes he started moaning that he was getting soooo full.  Amid many a joke about “Man Vs Food” my very-sensible boys gave up and we took a lot of leftovers home.

The shopping started out fun.  Gabe chose a very sensible black backpack and a black lunch bag “to go with it.”  Oliver strutted around with a backpack on, telling people he was going to school. Colin kept track of everything we needed.  But school shopping for two kids at Walmart on the first day of tax free weekend?  It got old pretty quickly.  We stuck with it,and I think I found everything on their list expect white erasers.  We will go shoe shopping sometime soon and I will make sure I have gotten enough for their uniforms, but I think we are pretty set.

While we were shopping, it started thundering and then pouring outside.  We were hoping it would clear up before we made our exit, but it was still going strong after we bought everything.  I considered leaving Colin with the kids right inside the door while I ran for the car, but wasn’t comfortable with that…and then I realized…wait, it is still pretty warm, none of us are going to get cold or anything, our school supplies are all in bags, and HELLO, these are boys.  We made a run for it, laughing the whole time (Carina was covered in her carseat). 


Oliver doesn’t like thunder. Can you tell?

Here is a little sampling from the school supply list.  The teachers will also send out another list when we get their class assignment.  I have all of this stuff sitting in my computer room.

  • Kindergarten

2 – plastic pocket folders with 3 prongs (labeled with name)

4 – 125 count boxes of tissues (plain tissues – no antiviral or lotion added!)

6– 80 count baby wipes boxes

20 - Small Elmer's glue sticks (this brand only)

1 – Kinder mat (for resting)

1 – Modeling Clay

3-500 sheet pkg. of copier paper

1-pack of white erasers / Hi-Polymer Pentel (this brand only)

2– pack of construction paper (not bounded) colors sorted

1- pack of yellow 2HB pencils (12)

1-Kindergarten Appropriate Size backpack - no wheels!

  • 3rd Grade

6 -- marble composition books

1 -- 150 sheets filler paper (wide rule)

1 – pencil pouch (please not pencil boxes)

2 – set of colored pencils (for English and for classroom)

1 – 5” pointed Fiskar scissors 3 -- glue sticks

3 -- bags of #2 pencils 2 -- erasers

1 -- pencil sharpener with container

2 -- box of tissues 1 – 80 ct. baby wipes

1 -- plastic pocket folder (any color for English)

1 -- dry erase board (small enough to fit in desk)

2 -- dry erase board markers

1 – rag/towel/old sock for cleaning dry erase board

3 – 500 sheets copier paper

1 – ruler with both cm and inches

1 – backpack (please do not send rolling book bags)

1 – refillable, reusable, plastic water bottle with a sport cap

1 –box of Ziploc bags (Quart size only for last names A-L)

1 –box of Ziploc bags (Gallon size only for last names M-Z)

German, Japanese, and Chinese students only:

3 -- plastic pocket folders (green, red, blue)


How about all of you?  Anyone have to do school supply shopping?  Do your kids have pretty similar lists?


Ashley said...

Mmmm, IHOP. We are Denny's fans around here but the other day I saw a commercial for the funnel cake and thought about going.

I bet Grandpa Jeppson is proud of Ollie's breakfast choices :)

Our school supply list:

Lots of diet dr pepper for mommy

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, I am so excited to go back to school shopping with the kids. I love getting school supplies and now I can get stuff for both kids. Technically Rob doesn't really need anything (preschool) but last year I bought new crayons and markers etc for them just to feel special.

I feel PHYSICALLY ill about Syd being old enough for Kindergarten but we're gonna try it out. see how it goes. Maybe I'll love it, but right now I cry just thinking about it.

Christie said...

HA! Maybe now James will quit griping about our school supply list. Not nearly as bad as that.

Christie said...

Oh, wait, that's 2 different lists. Maybe ours is just as bad.

Em said...

Geesh!!! Maybe I don't miss school supply shopping...Except the food part. I do miss the eating out on that day part:)