Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Chad,

For your last day of work at your current job, I wanted to pick you a bouquet and have it sent to your office.

Somehow, I don't think it would have been appreciated. I will just keep it here for you (it's in the dumpster if you want it).

Hope you have had a great day Dew. I am excited for you to start your new job on Monday, even if it means you will be traveling now :o(

Katie Lynn


Jonelle said...

How thoughtful of you! The dumpster is probably a perfect vase for a bouquet that size. :)
What is Chad's new job?

Chad Coleman said...

Hand model for Palmolive Dishwashing soap - I'm also hoping to score a deal with Dawn as well.

Chad Coleman said...

Thanks Dew - You know how much I love those flowers too - much appreciated. Did Gabe take that picture?

Jonelle - The hand modeling is a long term goal (Like George Costanza). My new job will be analytics and process improvement for US Trust customers within Bank of America. US Trust customers are ultra-high net worth individuals (That is actually the banks official name for these customers). They either hold $5MM + in assets or are applying for loans of $3MM+. I'm really excited about it - I have been in technology for the bank for the past year, and that's not really my cup of tea. My background is really in analytics and Six Sigma based process improvement. Like Katie said, I will be going to going to Houston/Manhattan about once a month.

Olivia Carter said...

I was going to ask about Chad's new job but then he answered! Sounds rad!

lindsey said...

Houston huh? When you head that way let me know and I will ask my Inlaws for restaurant reccommendations. I know they have a bbq place they love along with a Cajan Place they say has the most amazing shrimp. Good luck with the job.

Kari said...

Good luck, Chad!

Jonelle said...

That sounds like a great move! I hope you really enjoy it! I actually do a lot of work with that department within various banks in my work for the law office. I have never heard that term with "ultra" in front of it, though. I like it! I think I'm going to have to start using it. :)

I also hope you are able to realize your dream of becoming a hand model someday soon. One of my favorite people was a hand model. You may remember him best as a friend of Derek Zoolander. Good luck!