Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keepin' It Real Wednesday

Today, it is time for YOU to keep it real, and I mean it. I need your opinions. I was brushing my hair last night and as a joke, parted it far far over on the opposite side that I usually do, trying to look a little like Zac Ephron. After a few seconds of laughing over it, I thought to myself, Hmmm, I think I might actually like it a little. I stuck a little pomade on the ends and snapped these pictures. Please take in to account that I am wearing no makeup.

Even though I am daring enough to cut my own hair, please believe me when I say that I am not daring with my hairstyles. When I look in the mirror, I like to see something familiar, which is why when I finally chop my hair off each time, it is just a variation of one cut I have been doing for years. I am so unhip when it comes to my hair. So now I need you to tell me the truth. I won't be offended, I swear, unless you start telling me the truth about others things that I don't won't to know :o)

Does it look like I am sporting a comb-over?

Do I look like I belong in a boy band?

Does it make my cheeks look chubbier?

Do I look like I am trying too hard?

I need your help people. SPEAK UP!


Jonelle said...

I think it looks really good!

Autumn said...

You know I'm all about talking about hair ;) Anyways, I think it's way cute combed over like that!! You have the PERFECT hair for that style! And it fits your face totally! Really, there's no reason not too. And after the reunion this weekend I can surely tell you high school is over! Do whatever you want and who cares what people think :)

James said...

Does it look like I am sporting a comb-over?


Do I look like I belong in a boy band?


Does it make my cheeks look chubbier?

What makes you think that?

Do I look like I am trying too hard?


The picture makes you look younger, but not so much that it screams insecurity and reality disconnect. More energy and zest for life. I'd guess your age at around early-mid 20s based on the pictures.

Olivia Carter said...

Oh, I love it! It looks totally natural on you. I had to scroll down to see how you usually wear your hair (all the way down to Nana visit). REALLY, you need to do it like this is SUPER CUTE!

Ashley said...

I don't like it, but I don't really know anything about style. I think it looks a little too much like Kate and I really hate her hair (I hated it before it was cool to hate it) I dunno, maybe I just have a hard time with new styles. Listen to everyone else, not me :)

Chad Coleman said...

I have mixed feelings on it. Like James, I believe it makes you look a little younger - I am worried you're going to lose your "Frump-mom" title though...:) (It's a family joke I swear). It does kind of make you look like Zach Efron, which I guess I isn't all that bad that my perspective...I could do worse. Like Ashley though, I have 0 style, so ignore what I have to say.

Ashley said...

I figured out why it bothers me - there a couple of guys in our ward sporting this hairstyle.

Autumn Wilkins said...

I have a hard time with styles like this because I really prefer a clear view of all of the eye area. And you have great eyes. One idea since you're not completely sure about it, is to try a less extreme version of the same thing. Like parting your hair just a little more to the center than it is in these pics. It may help you eventually transition if you decide you really do like it.

lindsey said...

I kind of like it, kind of don't... I think like ashley it reminds me of a teenage boy. (not that I like the look on a teenage boy)

Katie said...

Hmmm, mixed bag. I think I will try it out on days when I am feeling a little sassier. I have had a hard time accepting this look on teenage boys...but then I don't want to grow into one of those old bitties who are still sporting the same look that was popular in 1962.

I agree with you Autumn W - I like a clear view to the eyes, which is why this hairstyle is hard for me. I hate it when people have hair falling down over their face.

Like I said, I think I will give it a try.

Any more feedback out there?

Jones Family said...

Katie~ I personally really like it. You can totally pull if off and for that I am super jealous. I did really like the way you wore it before too! If you don't like the way it hangs in front of our eyes try a small clip and clip it back a little so it doesn't hang in your face. I love short hair and you have the perfect face and features to pull it off.

Lyric said...

i think it looks great on you!

i kind of trained my hair to do the side part thing--i used hair spray for wet hair (that way it didnt look greasy like with gel) and then the blowdryer. after awhile, it fell that way more naturally and stayed out of my face much better.

Kari said...

I honestly had to think about it for a day! I love the way it looks, but I know that 'do would drive me crazy with its always falling in my eyes. I like your idea of wearing it on sassy days. A cool trick for retraining your hair in a new direction: get it wet and plaster it down under a headband until it dries. It makes hair much more obedient! Oh, and you don't look like a teenaged boy. Teenaged boys look like young women. So call me an old biddy if you must!

James said...

Still trying to figure out a polite way to say what Kari said about guys sporting this kind of hairdo, but she hit it straight on. If they want to look like a woman, then that's their problem.

Em said...

not only does your hair look so cute, but i'm so impressed with the fact that you are still doing it by yourself. amazing.