Monday, November 9, 2009

Sabbath Morning Stroll


Ashley said...

lol- why are they giving you a thumbs down? Beautiful family, beautiful fall morning!

Katie said...

I'm pretty sure the thumbs down was Chad's idea. Ollie is eating it up.

Em said...

my mom moved to hawaii about 6 months ago. she is coming here to utah a week from today. i told her she is going to
a. be really cold after living in hawaii
b. fell really dried out without the humidity
c. be amazed at the leaves and what a REAL FALL looks like;-)

Olivia Carter said...

WOW! So lovely. You guys live in a really pretty place. Every outdoor picture you take I'm blown away but how lovely it is.

Oh, & I got a card from Nana yesterday day talking about her trip & she said you had a large & lovely house. That she never went upstairs but she imagined it was just as nice. I sure love that Nana of ours!