Monday, November 16, 2009

Don't come a knockin', crazy stalker

Well, I know it's not the fashion for mommy bloggers to mention that their husbands are out of town until after they get back because it will give their crazy stalkers a chance to attack, but I am gonna just admit to myself and everyone that I don't have any crazy stalkers and get on with it. There.

My husband is out of town. He hasn't traveled for work in a couple of years, so it is a change for us. Today is his first day of a new job with the bank, and he got to spend it doing something he doesn't care for - flying. His boss, who also happens to be his friend, sent me an email with this picture of him at the airport and told me that "the crosswind on landing shook him up a little."

Now, I have flown with Chaddy many a time, and though it always makes him nervous, let me state for the record that he is always very manly about it. Very manly indeed.

***I've been a blogging machine lately, so don't forget to scroll down. I know, you aren't used to it, huh?***

***Oh, and ladies - his boss/friend is single. Single with a BMW. Yep.***


Chad Coleman said...

Too funny...Houston International Airport ladies and germs. On a complete side note, first time I have been to Houston - completely unimpressed. We are in the downtown area, and from the looks of things, it doesn't look like anything has been built here in 20 years and the downtown section of town isn't much larger than Charlotte. I'll let you know tomorrow morning what the Club/Bar/Gambling scene is like...:). In all actuality I can't wait to get back to the hotel, watch TV, order room service and go night-night...biggest wet blanket in the world.

Christie said...

There's an awesome genealogical library. Let me know if you want me to hook you up!

Olivia Carter said...

So funny! It's true I don't have any crazy stalkers either but my dad always tells me not to even update my Twitter or Facebook status when I'm not home. I still do, but I have pretty darn bad luck. I'd be the one that's like.. "Eh, no one wants to kill me" then get kidnapped when Scott's out of town

James said...

I guess I shouldn't explain crosswind landings, then, eh?

Go to the north of Houston to the Woodlands. That's the largest concentration of LDS in Texas.

The Houston temple is awesome, btw.

Luke Gallagher said...

Did Chad mention that the pilot on the return flight bounced it on landing? US Scare is living up to its name.

Oh and don't forget to mention to the ladies that his boss/friend is a pilot too. Yep, shameless plug in the post comments.