Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dearest Chad,

Thank you for letting me sleep in this morning.

Thank you for making the boys chocolate chip waffles for breakfast.

Thank you for getting them dressed and taking them for a walk while I slept.

Thank you for all of the cleaning,

and thank you for providing for our family in the way that you do. We are so fortunate to have you.

But Chad,

Sweet Chad,

O husband of mine,

I will never be okay with you emptying the trash and then not putting a new trash bag in.
Katie Lynn


Ashley said...

Yeah, we have the same problem in our house! Roy also has the habit of just putting the trash out on the porch to take it out the next time he goes out to the car. Because he can't walk the 100 yards to the trash can and back!

Audra said...

I told Levi if he kept my house clean I would be on permanent relpace-trash-can-liner duty!

And Ashley-
Levi says if the trash can was 100 yards away he would wait until he was going out to the car... that is a football field!!!

Ashley said...

Dude, 50 yards there, 50 yards back. And the problem with waiting till you go out to the car is that we have three kids to load, I always have my diaper bag and sometimes roy has his laptop - full hands! And it rains so often that the trash bag will be wet and harder to carry! It's a huge peeve of mine.

Christie said...

But I would trade a linerless trash can for the rest of it!

Chad Coleman said...

There is absolutely nothing, I repeat nothing, worse than trash water.

There is this absurd hidden camera show Katie and I watch from time to time called "Just for Laughs" - One of their bits was a guy filling up his cup with trash water and then drinking it...people were was great.

And yes, Katie you're dead to me (I used the right "you're" this time B)

Anonymous said...

My husband almost never replaces the trash bag either. Funny that it drives us wives crazy too!

em said...

baaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! that's how i am about slamming doors!

Olivia Carter said...

Oh so true. Though I've been known to do it too so i can't be too mad.

However, Scott leaves his socks left in the living room EVERY NIGHT! Oh man... drives me batty

Jennifer said...

I'm guilty of this myself. :/