Sunday, June 21, 2009

To The Father of My Children

I had a post all planned out in my head about you. As you know though, it has been a busy nonstop weekend. So busy that you made 3 dozen cookies for church (your own Father's Day cookies) as a surprise for me while I was out shopping for you yesterday. You knew it was on my to-do list. Then you washed the dishes today and did about 5 loads of laundry so that we could pack for our trip. What a special day for you! (sigh)

That's the way you are, and it is one of a million things that make you wonderful.

I took this picture of you the other day and it made me laugh. At first it looks like you are ignoring the kids to text or something, but you and I know you have never sent a text message in your life.

What you are doing is trying to figure out the camera on your new phone so that you can snap some pictures of our adorable kids.

I also like it because your arms look hot.

Super Dad. Super Husband.

I love you.


Mac said...

Love it!! You two are a very special couple!!

Chad Coleman said...

Thanks Dew-Dew (We never have nailed down the spelling on that..."Due", "Du"...?), and yes I have never sent a Text Message in my life, even though I sit in front of a computer and write SQL code and automate reporting for the bank - when it comes to phones and cameras, I'm a total idiot.

Chad Coleman said...

One other note, the sad thing is that I was totally harping on you to not blog and come to bed...I believe my exact quote was..."Come on, don't blog, I don't want to watch "The Next Food Network Star" by myself...".

Katie said...

I think it is Dew, and I am glad you clarified with the quote about watching the Next Food Network Star;o)

Ashley said...

Yeah, at first glance he looks like Kate (Jon&Kate) - she's always texting or something.

Food Network Star - I love Jeffrey!

lindsey said...

Cute post. I'm glad you clarified the food network star thing too.. ;) have fun on your trip.

Katie said...

Ashley - how can you not love Jeffrey? He is perfect. It seems like a woman is never going to win the show.

BTW, I think this season has been especially entertaining, don't you think?

lindsey said...

uh oh the june only has a 20 by it... I'm not the one to talk but hey I'll mention it anyway ;)

Katie said...

I still have time! (kinda)