Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Belated Thank-You

Back when New Moon opened, my cousin Olivia* rented a theater out with her friends, sold the tickets, and had an awesome showing. After it was over, she had a give-away with some of the swag bags they had leftover from the event, and I won one!

I was so excited when I came home from vacation to find it in the mail. Along with some hilarious New Moon memorobilia, there were a few extras thrown in, like some homemade pepper jelly, which disappeared a long time ago when I made some Texas Egg Rolls to go with them. SO delicious Olivia and so adorable too!

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

I'm trying to think of a cool place to put my stickers....maybe my Primary binder?

*For those of you who aren't familiar with her blog, check it out and get with the times. My brother-in-law James actually just won a book in another give-away!

More belated thank you's coming tomorrow.


Olivia Carter said...

Ah, thanks Katie! Glad you enjoyed it! It was fun to put together & I can't wait until Eclipse. Gonna be a par-tay! Maybe some cousins of mine need to take a road trip to Utah for it! Ohhhhh... that'd be fun!

And I'm glad you liked the pepper jelly. The name freaks a lot of people out but I try to explain that its kind of like sweet & sour sauce with spicy. Does that sound right? And I make mine with red bell peppers rather than the standard green ones (b/c who wants to put green jelly on stuff- yuk!)

Katie said...

Olivia - that is exactly what I told my kids about it - it is really like sweet and sour with just a little kick at the end. So so good! I think yours is a little sweeter than some I have had because of the red peppers. I like it and you are right - it gives off a prettier color.