Thursday, January 28, 2010

BMW Performance Driving School

This is where Chad was last Thursday.

From8am-5pm he got to learn from driving professionals and then test his new techniques out in various driving courses and situations. Luke is the gentleman in the black jacket, by the way. Chad had a very good time, to put it lightly. I heard from him during his breaks and I could tell he was a little giddy. I'm really glad he got to go and satisfy some one of his manly dreams.

What I am not glad about?
Gotta tell ya, he came home a little cocky about his driving skillz.

I'll have to see what I can do about that ;o)


Chad Coleman said...

I resent the fact that you said I was cocky - Just because I told you I am one of the Top 10 drivers in the US and Top 50 in the World, doesn't mean I'm cocky. Jim, one of the instructors, personally told me that he wanted to use some of my techniques in a demo video - That's not something he tosses around lightly...In all seriousness, it was a great time and it is amazing what we did in those cars. There is nothing like going 40 MPH in a circle and having someone throw the parking brake on and have to correct the direction of the car...good times!!! Thanks Lucas (He's literally reading this while I'm typing in George Bush Intercontinental Airport).

Olivia Carter said...

That is such a dude thing to do. It doesn't matter what type of guy your hubby is I'll bet ANY guy would love to do this. Scott's not a "car guy" but I'll bet he'd LOVE IT!

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

Don't get too cocky Chad. In my prime (a few years back) I was trained and got to do a 360 on the skid pan at the CHP academy. Then drove the school bus at 40mph and had them pull the spring brake (replicating how we could use it in an emergency) And then the hard one was when an instructor got behind of the wheel of the bus and acted like they were a freaked out student who couldn't control the bus, I had to go from a standing in the door stepwell to a crouch position and bring the bus to a controlled stop with my hand on the foot brake and my other on the steering wheel- scary thing to do. And luckily, in all my years as an instructor, I never did have a student freak out! But it is a rush to drive fast and have control of a vehicle.

James said...

Now you need to take some flight lessons. Stall recovery and spin training can be awesome, just don't turn your head.

Chad Coleman said...

Pat - Wow, it's one thing to do that in a 2-ton car that sits low to the ground and is designed to do those manuevers (BMW 3-series like what we drove) and it's a whole other to do those in a 10-ton bus..that is incredible. It really does get your adrenaline going - MY hands were shaking the rest of the day - Had a great time. Luke is trying to convince me to do the 2-Day M-School next year - All I will say is that it requires a helmet..:)

Luke Gallagher said...

Wow Chad...after that one day class you need convincing to do the 2 Day M School? Think I might need to contract Katie to raffle off the M School ticket in the same way she's doing her Valentine's Day Giveaway. :)