Thursday, January 21, 2010

It ain't pretty

Sick Ollie this morning, wearing one of my shirts because I was out of his in the dead of night

It seems a little cliche to talk about how much energy Oliver has and how he never stops - I hear it all the time from parents of kids his age. He's my third though, so I feel like I am at least somewhat qualified to say that he is beyond the typical level of toddler mischievousness. I am telling you, this kid NEVER stops. NEVER. He is happy, he is fun, he is adorable as can be, but he is TROUBLE. He climbs everything, including our stove. He unplugs everything. He sticks raw ground beef in his mouth, and rips Christmas lights out of their sockets and then crunches on them. Even with our firm bedtime routine in place, he fights sleep for over an hour every night - sometimes refusing to settle until we physically hold him still.

So Chad and I have speculated for awhile what it would be like if Oliver got sick. Not exactly hoping he would - we aren't that starved for some peace - but just wondering if he would actually lie still for awhile like our other boys do when they are sick.

We found out yesterday afternoon (Chad's birthday) when he started throwing up. Yes, he did lie still, and even seemed to watch a little TV in between his bouts of clothes-soaking hurling. The poor little guy was pathetic and I cuddled and cooed over his sick little body with all the patience in the world.

And then the sun went down.

I went to sleep with him at 9, knowing that it could be a long night. Gabe slept on one side of me, because he was also sick, and Ollie on the other. Chad was in the guest room. Sometime between 9 and 10, in my sleepy and confused state, I gave in to Oliver's pleas to nurse. I realized what I had done when it promptly came right back up, soaking yet another set of clothes and yet another blanket.

The rest of the night was ugly. The dazed, listless baby was gone and replaced by one who screamed into the dead of the night because I wouldn't nurse him or give him a drink. He was hysterical, trying to climb off the bed to find his own water. Over and over again he did his sign for "drink" and over and over again screamed at me when I tried to tell him it would hurt his belly. I figured that sleep would have to take over at some point - he had to be exhausted. I could wait it out. After and hour or so of this, I started to wonder and gave him a little Pedialyte. He grabbed it and gulped it down, and then promptly threw it up and did his "drink" sign again.

Oliver screams were now waking Gabe up and keeping Chad awake, which normally wouldn't have been a huge problem, but Chad was supposed to leave the house at 6 am. Luke was taking him to the BMW Performance Driving School as a birthday gift - a non-refundable birthday gift and something Chad has been really looking forward to. You kinda want to sleep before you do something like that, right?

The hours dragged, and Oliver still wasn't going to sleep or losing any steam. He was now trying to grab his and Gabe's vomit bowls to drink out of them. Chad and I were both losing our patience, and just didn't know what to do. A little before 2, I decided that even if it meant giving in to Ollie when I knew it wasn't good for him, I would let him nurse and drink as much as he wanted so he would stop screaming and let Chad sleep. I gathered some dry blankets, towels, and clothes, and let him nurse and barf to his heart's content. After 4:30 or so he finally started sleeping for an hour or so at a time.

So....... now we know what sick Ollie is like, and it is scary!

How about you? Have any of your kids been even more energetic when sick?

Have your kids ever become sick at a very inconvenient time or in a very inconvenient place?


Ashley said...

Oh I hate it when they just want some food or water! When they are older at least they understand a little better, but when they are young it is just so so sad!

I hope everyone is doing better and I hope Chad enjoyed his birthday present - sounds cool!

Ashley said...

Oh, and I thought our other two kids were "all over the place and crazy" but Isaac seems to be giving them a run for their money.

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, sick kids are the worst. Syd gets really sleepy and relaxed when sick. But Rob is the same. He really doesn't slow down.

Autumn said...

It's the third kid that does you in. Your Ollie is my Grayson haha. They're so cute but equally exhausting!

Here's your song lyric title:
"He's candy coated misery" Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood... it's a sickness.

Audra said...

Callie says her tummy hurts and has been off-the-hook at home this afternoon. Levi says his stomach hurts too, so the combination of him watching her and her being crazy is bad. But usually my other kids get limp and listless and pitiful. They have always handles puking really well too. Espcially Nolan. Like it is no big deal and he trusts when I tell him he can not have anything.

I hope Chad had fun despite the lack of sleep!

Shannon said...

That is the worst thing I have ever heard. Riley is that way sick-- but not that bad!!! I have learned-- 1 tsp of water every 10-15 minutes. Sometimes they can keep it down.