Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just a few words about Who My Mom Is

Thank you all for all the comments –  I have loved what has come out of this celebration of my mom.  I just wanted to answer a few questions real quick:

If you are wondering what all this is about, click here first, and then read on!

If you are interested in writing something about my mom, there is still time.  Even if you didn’t get a personal invitation, if my mom inspired you, I would love to hear about it.  You have probably noticed that there bit of a format going on.  I have asked anyone contributing to begin with “Linda is_____”  and then to give examples or a short story.  That way everyone will get to know all the wonderful attributes my mother possesses.  I have also asked the writers to keep it relatively short and use simple language.  If you are interested in writing something, please send it to before September 12th.  If you have a picture to include, WONDERFUL – if not, let me know if I can steal a picture of you from facebook :o)

The posts will get more and more frequent until the 15th (my mom’s birthday)  because I already have enough posts to do more than one a day.  That makes me so happy.  The more posts I can do, the better.  Thank you!


Katie said...

(This is Chad) - Great post Pat - Really enjoyed the Yard Sale story.

Katie said...

Um, wrong post there sweetie :o)