Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who My Mom Is, Part XXVII

This post was written by my Dad’s brother, David Jeppson. Picture courtesy of Meredith.

DavidMy dad’s family circa 1977? Back left:  Uncle Paul, Uncle Buckley with Aunt Marie , my mom, my Dad, Aunt Sharon, and my Uncle David.                                       Front,: Papa holding my sister Christie, Nana holding my brother Bobby

Linda is my 1st sister-in-law. 

I remember meeting her just before my brother Bob (her husband) went on his mission.  She was soooo young and full of energy.  She told us about her job being a cartoon character at Knott’s Berry Farm.  I thought that was sooo cool and still do!  I wanted her autograph!  She was perfect for the job as the world is her stage!  This is just one of the many talents that Linda possesses. 


BiggieKen said...

I don't think I ever knew that Linda worked at Knott's Berry Farm.

Ashley said...

Yeah Ken, she was dressed up as a short little man - anyone know the character? I tried googling stuff and came up with Whittles - the miner. Anyone know?

Olivia Carter said...

Check out that picture- I'm in love with their hair & clothes!

Levi said...

She was a short little miner, and her eyeholes were in the hat. I think she was also annie oakley for awhile. There is actually a neat story about her time working at Knotts Berry Farm, and I hope I tell it right. One day when Grandma was dropping her off for work they saw John Wayne at the entrance. Since Grandma was a huge fan, mom went and introduced herself and got him to go over to the car and say hi to Grandma. Later in the day, when mom was in her costume, John came over and asked "Is that you in there, Little Lady?"