Monday, September 5, 2011

Who My Mom Is, Part VIII

This post was written by Missy (formerly Crook) Kelly.  When I was looking for old pictures of Missy, I realized that I had several with her in them at functions that my mom took us to, and I realized my mom really took us all over!  Forgive me for the old pics Missy, they are to prove a point :o)

image0-3 Autumn, Missy and Lynda at a leadership conference my mom chaperoned for.


Autumn, Missy, Me, and Breanna at a Girl’s Camp daytrip that my mom took us to – she may even have been camp leader that year, as she often was.


And a picture just to show how beautiful Missy was, and still is.  She is the blonde in black (and I am the albino one with the double chin.)

So, onto the post:

Linda is a ball of energy!

I was 13 when we moved to Blythe, and Linda is one of the first people I remember welcoming our family into Blythe.

I remember her being so excited to haul a bunch of teenagers all the way to BYU for education week just so we could experience how exciting the Gospel can be. I definitely have to mention her zeal for the scriptures and being my seminary teacher.

But what stands out the most to me was the love she has for her family. Every time I'd come back home to visit, if I saw her she'd give me a big hug and bust out all her pictures of all of her beautiful grandbabies. Her eyes just sparkled as she told me all their names and I could see the love she had for them radiating from her. Linda you are an Amazing woman. Have a wonderful birthday.

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Ashley said...

I hope my kids get a seminary teacher like her someday! And I hope I have energy like that and maybe even take some kids to ed-week when my kids are older!