Monday, September 12, 2011

Who My Mom Is, Part XXI

This post was written by my sister-in-law Audra JeppsonLevi’s wife. 

My mother-in-law Linda is... awesome!

I was trying to think of the right tag-line for the top of my post! Ideas have been swirling around in my head:
My mother-in-law Linda is... aware of her children's needs!
My mother-in-law Linda is... is thoughtful!
My mother-in-law Linda is... an incredible Granny!
My mother-in-law Linda is... a great example!
My mother-in-law Linda is... really fun!
My mother-in-law Linda is... the not-like-any-of-the-mother-in-law-jokes mother-in-law!

But awesome is word that rolls everything my mother-in-law is into one all-encompassing clump!

My favorite story about Linda has to do with the first I listed, her children's needs. It involves how Levi proposed.
He called me and related a conversation he had with his mother. In the conversation she asked "Are you going to marry Audra?" He said yes but said we could not be married until May when the school year was up so there was no point in proposing now. She asked why so long and he explained since Bobby and Sabina were to be married over Christmas, there was no way another wedding could happen on an opposite coast in that short amount of time. Plus, he did not want to take away from Bobby & Sabina's special time.

But... she had a plan!

Bobby was getting married right before Christmas. We could come to California for that wedding, fly to Virginia, they would follow a few days later, and we could marry right before New Years! Perfect! She had it all planned out!

He related this conversation to me over the phone and followed it up with, "So what do you think?"

Yes... that was my proposal! But I would not change it for the world!

I think she knew Levi's concerns before he even voiced them and she gave him the motherly nudge he needed! She knew his concerns, she knew his intentions, and she had come up with a plan to make it work! She is really good at making things work! And she is very creative. She took time to get to know me and understand how quirky I am and even went so far to come up with the best centerpieces ever for my open house. Bettas in a bowl!!!

She is also the best granny! She gets to know all her grandkids individually and is always very thoughtful in her gifts to them. And I will never forget when she showed up to the hospital when Nolan was born. She could not stop exclaiming with a delighted high-pitched voice, "He is SO DARN CUTE!!!" I can still hear it in my head. The exact pitch, the excitement, the light in her eyes! She was a Granny! It is one of my favorite memories and always makes me smile! She has doted similarly on each and every one of her grandchildren.

100_0517-1My mom with  Levi and Audra with their kids Silas, Yonas and Ruby.  This was the first day my mom met them.



Levi and Audra’s girls in aprons that Granny made for them.

Thank you Linda for being a great example of a great mom, mother-in-law, friend, member of the church and granny!


Ashley said...

HA! I had never heard the proposal story! Love it!

Katie said...

LAME Levi. Just kidding :o) We all knew that Levi was dying to marry you Audra!