Monday, September 12, 2011

Who My Mom Is, Part XXII

This post was written by my sister-in-law Jamie Jeppson, Aaron’s wife.

My mother-in-law is talented!

One of my earliest memories of her was when she played in the stake road show.  She played a wicked witch and I still remember her coming out onto the stage with her black cape and using her best witch’s laugh. It still brings a smile to my face when I think of that.  She always had a talent for performing in front of people. She passed that talent on to her children and helped many of them participate in their High School plays.

As you may have heard from others she is also a great seamstress. I remember her making Halloween costumes for many of her grandchildren. I still remember her telling me with excitement she was making a chef costume for her grandson Colin. She made a gorgeous wedding dress for her daughter Christie. She also hemmed my senior prom dress. She was awesome!

Not long ago, I was talking with my mother about a funny conversation she had with Linda. My mother said that during a ward activity she and Linda starting talking about our upcoming wedding. They started talking about the dresses they had bought to wear. As they both starting explaining what their dresses looked like they both came to realize they had bought the same dress! My mother had offered to take hers back but Linda kept insisting that she keep it and she would wear another dress. She even went ahead and made alterations on the dress that my mom needed done. Not only was she talented but also generous.

Linda is a talented and loving woman. I feel blessed to have her as my mother-in-law.

Happy Birthday Linda! Love you!

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Ashley said...

I remember my mom telling me about the same dress story! She was definitely willing to do anything to make someone else happy!