Sunday, September 11, 2011

Who My Mom Is, Part XVIII

This post was written by my sister Lindsey Morris. 


My Mother is a Disciple of Christ

While reading each of these posts one particular thing stood out to me. Everything my mother does is because of her faith in our Savior. She is dedicated to her friends, family and community because she follows the example of Christ to love and serve others.

She knows her children well because each and every night of our lives she knelt in prayer to receive guidance in raising us.

She was a great seminary teacher because she truly loved each of her students and worked hard on every lesson she taught. She knew how important it was for them to understand the gospel and gain a testimony if their teenage years.

Even the small things like being frugal come from the fact that she knew she needed to be home for her children instead of working.

She is everything she is because she used the Atonement to better herself.

My mother recently came to help me with the birth of my 3rd child. She inspired me with her patience and dedication to serve, but one thing stood out to me the most. On more than one occasion I found my mother reading her Book of Mormon. I know that reading is hard for her, but she has an eternal perspective and knows the importance of staying faithful in this life.

In my life I know that we will be a family, together for eternity, because of the life of my mother (and father) and their righteousness.


Ashley said...

Okay, kinda freaky how perfectly you and Katie described mom the way I wanted to! I spoke today in church about kindness and the atonement and I talked a lot about mom. I wanted to convey this message about how everything she does is because she has a testimony in Christ - I just couldn't get my words right. But yeah, mom has frequently conveyed this message that she is who she is because she is trying to be Christlike.

Katie said...

Ashley - I wanted to say these things about Mom too! Lindsey wrote everything that I have been thinking about her!

The Storyteller said...