Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who My Mom Is, Part IX

This post has two contributors – Bonnie and Tom Crook (who will always be Bishop Crook to me).  They also happen to be the parents of the lovely Missy from last night’s post.

Linda is a friend to everyone.

There are no strangers in Linda's life. Anyone who needs help, an encouraging word, a ride somewhere or a baby tended Linda was always first to volunteer.

We moved to Blythe in 1994 - she was the first to come up and introduce herself, welcome us into the ward and invite us to dinner. Linda's energy and sewing talents always amazed me, she always knew the answers to my sewing questions and is an amazing seamstress!

I miss Linda's spirit here in the ward, but how great to be by most of her children and grandchildren. Have a beautiful birthday!
Bonnie Crook

Linda is dedicated.
As I think of Linda, I think of all the causes she totally had her heart and soul into.

1. Her family. No matter what they were involved in she was too. She may not have known all there is to know about raising a 4-H pig but she was into it with both feet.

2. Her church callings -the same way. She was my Primary president at one time and to see her love those little kids with her whole heart was Linda.

3. Community events- Totally dedicated to the walk for life -All night- dedication!  And I love her smile. It is always the most genuine. We will always love Linda! 


Chad Coleman said...

Great post Bonnie and Tom - very well put!

Ashley said...

She loved it when new families moved into the ward - and was always hoping they'd stick around! I think she thought if we were super friendly and invited everyone to dinner then people would stop moving away :)