Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who My Mom Is, Part IV

This post was written by my Aunt Meredith (my dad’s brother’s wife).  You can read more from her at her blog The world according to Merf.  Even though I don’t think I have ever called her Merf in person, I always think of her as that in my head now.

 Picture provided by Meredith. My parents with Levi, Bobby, and Christie.  Based on Levi’s size, I am thinking it was right around Christmas 1978.

Linda was my competition---oh yes you were!

I came in as the 3rd daughter-in-law----you and Marie were already well settled into the family.  I married the baby.  How could I compete with you!?! Christie was 5 and quoting poetry!  Christie and Bobby were sweet and cute and well-behaved---and you kept having MORE sweet and cute babies.

And then you moved to Idaho and had goats----so I could compete with that. And then you moved BACK TO CALIFORNIA! aaaaaargh!

You taught seminary, gospel doctrine, you directed the road shows, you sew, you shopped at Sam's----and worst of all---you were nice. You were nice to me. HOW CAN THAT BE?  You are everything i want to be----AND NICE....well....except the goats---never wanted goats.

The sweetest moment----in Cedar City at that farm museum type thing with the 10ft tall sunflowers---we talked about the PPA.  We had gone to the Monticello temple together a few years before and that began your fight.  As we walked, we cried together, we laughed together----you felt like a sister----you are my sister.


Ashley said...

I love it Meredith! Can always count on you to put a fun spin on things :)

Katie said...

Plus, look at her! She JUST had a baby in that picture.