Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who My Mom Is, Part XXV

This post was written by my mom’s sister Rhonda.


My Sister Linda is an actress!

Always has been, always will be! Very dramatic, but in a good way! I remember Linda standing out in every roadshow she performed in. I loved to watch her! I can say all 50 states in alphabetical order because of Linda and "Fifty, Nifty, United States!!" I forget the name of her singing group but I would have watched her perform in anything!

She's cute too! She has always been the cute perky one of us Parkins Girls. Who else could crank out 8 kids and have time for anyone who asked? I love her craftiness and artist touch.

Most importantly I love her kind spirit. She and I could not have gone more different directions if we tried but I still love seeing her and listening to her tell stories about each one of her children. She had time, love and attention given to each one of them, and now her grandchildren.

I am proud to call Linda my sister. Her eyes twinkle and her smile brightens a room. I know if you asked her she would say that she is blessed; I say, " I am," for having her in my life. Happy Birthday Sis!

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Ashley said...

I'm glad I inherited a fraction of her acting talent! I think it is because of her that I can cry on cue!