Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who My Mom Is, Part XIII

This post was written by Patricia Bolton, one of my mom’s sisters.  She also provided the pictures.

Linda is a ROCK.  

She is strong, determined and unwavering in her beliefs. Strong was not always the case. As a child, she was a wimp. She cried during every episode of "Lassie". She was an easy target when I wanted to pull a prank. And with 2 older sisters to join me, we were able to manipulate her a little too easily.


But then she grew up. And she grew up strong. Linda, with other family members, took missionary discussions and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at the age of 13. Even though the others faltered and went in other directions, Linda stood firm in her beliefs and continued to grow in spirituality (and never gave up hope that others would also join her, she was so annoying at times!) She was determined to have a temple marriage and raise a strong family. And she did just that.  She really was Molly Mormon as her family grew. She used every resource available and developed her creativity to help stretch a "one-income, teacher's salary" and make it all work.


Linda and I were especially close during the early years as our kids grew up. We visited them often. I loved to see her in action. With Linda, it was what it was. There wasn't a fine line between right and wrong, it was a strong black marker line. There was no faltering. I learned by her example. I guess that is why our family left the "big city life" and moved to Blythe when the opportunity came.

I enjoyed the time we lived close and were in the same ward. I watched her serve in callings with so much zeal. My two daughters were blessed to live close by Linda during their impressionable years. Thank goodness they were impressed by Linda. She was a tough cookie and she told it like it was.

I cried when she moved to Charlotte and I still miss her like crazy. But I like being in a community where she made an impact. Just recently at a yard sale, I overheard 2 women (who I did not know) who were looking at boxes full of fabric, talking about "you know that Mormon lady who did grad nite when the kids graduated"...I missed part of the conversation "...I know, remember how I tried to get it changed, but she said it wasn't appropriate for the kids... and she was right..." missed more conversation... "how many kids were there? they were so darn smart"...missed... and then " that lady could do anything...costumes...decorating, remember the..."

Yeah, that's my sister.

Thanks Linda for being my example, have a great birthday. Miss you and love you 2 pieces.


My mom and her sisters –Kathy and Pat in the back, Rhonda and Diana in the front


Katie said...

Pat - I really loved hearing your perspective. Thanks for sharing.

Ashley said...

I love the overheard conversation! And I agree, she is a rock. I can really see that now when I see how well she has handled her medical challenges!

Oh, and I totally love the pictures. No wondering where Isaac got his thumb-sucking! :)