Friday, August 1, 2008

One more way to go batty.

At about noon today, I laid down with Gabe to get him to take a nap. All of the sudden I started sweating. A lot. Then I got nauseous. I called Chad and talked to him for a couple of minutes, mainly to try and get perspective, and then made a trip to the toilet to violently throw up. The whole time Gabe was pretty mad at me for getting up and was yelling at me. As I finished vomiting, I heard him calling to me "I go poo-poo!" Is there a worse thing to hear when you have just hurled? I paced back and forth for a few minutes, trying to figure out what I could handle and wondering if I could let him sit in his poo until someone else could take care of it. I finally decided to just do it, and I did. A few minutes later I threw up again and called Chad again. I wasn't sure how bad it all was and if he should come home for me. Coming home earlier than planned is a big pain in the neck for him, not just because of work meetings and such, but because his bus doesn't make any runs in the middle of the day. After talking to him I decided to call my doctor's office, to see what they would say. When I got a chance to talk to a nurse, this is basically the conversation that took place:

Hi, I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I just started throwing up about an hour ago.

Are you having any contractions?

No, I'm really not.

Do you have any pain in your stomach?

Yeah, a little....

Have you been able to time the pain?

No, it doesn't really come and go in intervals like that. Just a little achy.

Well, vomiting can be a sign of labor, so we definitely want you to come in.

Proceeds to set up an appointment for me while I say that I feel silly coming in because I am actually starting to feel better.

So I called Chad to tell him I needed to go in and didn'tt know if I can drive myself. He said he would leave work and come take me, but of course it will take an hour or so to do so, because he has to now take LINX to connect to a bus that will take him to the Walmart park-and-ride where his car is. In the meantime, I was feeling better and better by the minute. I called Bobby and Sabina to ask if we can drop off the boys, and I called Levi, who had been planning on coming over with the whole family late that afternoon, to let him know that that wasn't going to work out. Since I was feeling better I started to feel like I am being a drama queen. Googling let me know that sometimes vomiting can proceed labor by a day or so. Sometimes, not necessarily very often. I packed my hospital bag and overnight bags for the boys just in case.

All of this, and a 45 minute wait to be seen at the doctor's, and when my midwife walked in, the first thing she said is "So, you think you are in labor."

I quickly informed her that, no, I didn't think I was in labor. I was throwing up and the nurse told me it could be labor and had me come in. My midwife just kept apologizing and saying that they shouldn't have said that, especially since my next appointment is on Monday, and asked who it was I talked to. Of course I couldn't remember. She said it was probably a virus, or the heat, or something else. I apologized and said I didn't want to seem like one of "those women" and just tried to get across as much as possible that I knew I wasn't in labor.

The one upswing of the whole thing is that she examined me and found out I am almost 2 cm's and 50% effaced. Which actually, I would probably rather not know (I opted out of the internal exam at my appointment on Tuesday) because really, how much can that tell you? I was that dilated for almost three weeks before I had Gabe. Just one thing to drive me nutty.


Christie said...

Yeah, I pretty much gave up on the whole "call the doctor's office and see what they say" idea. We call on our way in to Odessa if we are going. They're pretty much going to say come on in just to be safe. And if it IS a sign that labor is coming, don't you want to labor at home for a while, anyway? As long as you don't have a fever or anything...hope it's a good sign for you!

Katie said...

I agree Christie. I give up on calling too. Although I know my midwife herself would have told me to stay home, the nurse obviously takes a page out of a different book.

Oh, and I forgot, the fever question came up and I made sure I told her I didn't have one...yeah, totally agree that even if it is labor what is the point of coming in?

James said...

On the flip side, there was the whole "My wife is 5 months pregnant and just passed a lot of blood; what do we do?" "Hang on, we'll have a nurse call you back." Waitwaitwaitwait, forget it, get in the van, fly to Odessa calling as we go, only to get "You're an hour away? We'll send an ambulance". "Forget it, we got tired of waiting for you to call back and we're at the hospital exit now."