Monday, August 11, 2008

Operation:Keep Busy Days 3,4, and 5

Day 3 started off with a trip to the library.

We then stopped by Target to see if Olivia's pear wreath was on clearance. It was, but not low enough. It was okay though, because I got another wreath that I love just as much. I will have to post a picture soon. By the way, Target raised the price of their popcorn combo (medium drink and popcorn) from $1 to $1.50! I am outraged! Of course, that didn't stop me from getting it.
After Target we went over to Levi's so that I could watch the two youngest girls while he went to tend to Audra in the hospital (she had surgery last week and the five oldest kids were in the mountains). It was SUCH a treat to hang out with the two of them.
Ask Chad, I have been raving about my sweet nieces since then and have even mentioned possibly requesting a female when we adopt (even though I have always said we would just take whatever referral came first). They really melted my heart.

Jovie and Callie are less than four months apart and each is so adorable in her own way.

I ended up spending the night there so that Levi could go be with Audra in the morning. Then Sabina came in the middle of the day on Saturday to take over the babysitting. I went home and lazed around the rest of the day. We went out to dinner as a family to Olive Garden, mainly because I ate Olive Garden the night before I went into labor with Gabe and was hoping for similar results :o) Obviously didn't work, but it was yummy anyway.

Also lazed around yesterday after church (I deserved it - we had 22 kids in nursery!), and started to drive myself crazy again, but it wasn't too bad because I got to spend the WHOLE DAY with my adorable husband, which was quite a treat. He has been quite busy lately "flipping" a house, so time together is precious. Oh, and I got to take a nap. :o)


Jonelle said...

Do you have fuddrucker's out there? I believe one of their brownies was eaten the night before Colin was born :).

And Chad is flipping a house? That is awesome! Is he helping someone else or is it just him? I love watching the house flipping shows and have thought I might want to do it some day.

lindsey said...

hmm lets see what put me into labor with lily... nevermind.. you are way past the 3 week mark when lily was born... speaking of which it is lily's birthday today... i tried to make her a cute flower cake... yea it didn't work out so well.. its pretty funky, even after about 3 hrs... oh well. we are just doing a lil pool party and dairy free cake (ice cream too for the rest of us) good luck with getting oliver out before colins open house

lindsey said...

i forgot to ask how is audra?

Katie said...


I was totally thinking about that brownie today. We don't have a Fudrucker's very close, but I might have to make a trip for one....

Yeah, Chad is flipping a house. He is carrying the whole financial burden but doing the work with my brother Bobby. It is going well so far...


Colin and I were talking about Lily's birthday today. He was very excited for her. Audra is doing better. I just got a message from Levi that she is home from the hospital. Woohoo!

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

Woo-hoo! Audra's home!!!

I was wondering if the first week of September a good time to meet Oliver?

The Jeppson Bunch said...

Awwww! Thanks for the pics of my babies! I miss them so desperately! They are in the mountains now and I get to see them tomorrow! Apparently they have been melting hearts there too!!!!

James said...

22 kids in nursery? That's our sacrament meeting attendance on some Sundays in our branch!