Friday, August 1, 2008

SYTYCD Tour 2008

We (Audra and I) got our tickets today! Did you? Presale passwords are CANDANCE, NIGEL, and SOYOU.

We learned last year that in an arena, the best seats are NOT on the floor, so we chose our seats this year (on the side in the first raised level) instead of selecting "best available." November 12th, here we come!

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The Jeppson Bunch said...

The password that worked for me was candance! I don't know about the other ones, but I think Levi said he got through too and he was using a different one. Anyway... SO EXCITED!!! SO SO SO EXCITED!!! If we are in the same seats we snuck up to last time (yes, we snuck off the floor level to seats in the lower level because they were SO MUCH BETTER) which I think we do, it will be awesome awesome awesome! Seriously, the way the seats are, it is like you are sitting on stage next to them!!!